Why do a CLOSET 911 make-over ?

Imagine being able to find all of your favorite things in a glance. See yourself getting dressed in the morning or anytime as a pleasure instead of that old stress of, what to wear and where is it.

Our services:

  • Total CLOSET 911 Make-over
  • CLOSET 911 Personal stylist

Total CLOSET 911 Make-over

Step 1
CLOSET 911 will remove all garments from your closet.

Step 2
CLOSET 911 will organize all of your clothing, bags, shoes, hats, scarves, and jewelry outside of your closet.

Step 3
CLOSET 911 will now go piece by piece deciding what to keep and what we should discard.

Step 4
CLOSET 911 clothing preparation. All garments will be placed on same style hanger.

Step 5
CLOSET 911 will now place all of your beautiful  things back in your closet to create your own personal boutique.

1 closet… $150.00 an hr.
2 closets…$125.00 an hr
3 closets…$100.00 an hr


CLOSET 911  Personal stylist

Step 1
CLOSET 911 will go through all of your favorite things in your closet  with you.

Step 2
CLOSET 911 will now create new, and  fabulous looks from your existing closet.

Step 3
CLOSET 911 and client will create a list of pieces for you to purchase that will complete your new wardrobe.

4hrs $500.00
each add. hr $100.00



Step 1
CLOSET 911 will meet with client to discuss what will be needed to create your new personal style.

Step 2
CLOSET 911 and client head out to the stores to find the perfect pieces for the client new wardrobe.

Step 3
CLOSET 911 will now use all the pieces selected for client to create new fabulous looks for clients
personal style.



Do you find yourself, OVERWHELMED? LET CLOSET 911 take all that stress of moving and allow you to be excited and happy and very organized with your up and coming move.



CLOSETS… clothing, shoes, bags, hats, jewelry.
1 closet…$150.00 an hr.
2 closets…$125.00 an hr
3 closets …$100.00 an hr

KITCHEN… cabinets, pantry, dishes, glasses, silverware and all kitchen appliances.
$100.00 an hr.

Personal home spas and bathrooms, cabinets, linen closet.
$100.00 an hr



To be sure your closet and home stays organized, we offer CLOSET 911 maintenance programs.
CLOSET 911 will come back to maintain your new beautiful closet.

Pricing (includes 2 hrs each month)
$ 300.00/mo.
$ 150.00/mo. if you prepay for 6 month package.
$ 100.00/mo. if you prepay for 1 Year